GASCom 2012

June 25-27, 2012

LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux, FRANCE

The 8th edition of the conference GASCom on random generation of combinatorial structures will be held at the LaBRI in Bordeaux, France, on June 25-27, 2012.
This edition is dedicated to Renzo Pinzani, on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

GASCom 2012 is be followed by two days in honour of Xavier G. Viennot (June 28-29).


The conference GASCom brings together researchers in combinatorics, algorithms, probabilities, and more generally mathematical computer science, around the theme of random and exhaustive generation of combinatorial structures, mostly considered from a theoretical point of view. In connection with this main theme, the conference is also interested in contributions in enumerative or analytic combinatorics, and interactions with other areas of mathematics, computer science, physics or biology.
The conference is both interested in methods for random or exhaustive generation and in original results on combinatorial or algorithmic questions, whose solution has been made possible by an approach involving random or exhaustive generation.


  • Random and exhaustive generation of combinatorial objects
  • Enumerative and analytic combinatorics
  • Algorithmic aspects: analysis of algorithms, probabilistic algorithms
  • Interactions: bio-informatics, combinatorics on words, tilings, …

Invited Speakers

  • Brigitte Chauvin (LMV, Université de Versailles)
  • Alain Denise (LRI, Université Paris-Sud)
  • Simone Rinaldi (Università di Siena)
  • Doron Zeilberger (Rutgers University)